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Nanomyte started as a small company in 2012 and was initially involved in the development of customized solutions for regional brokerage needs in India, Singapore, and a few east Asian countries and we were constantly requested by our broker clients with a need and demand for better trading applications, servers and financial solutions. So it was then we decided to expand our team in the latter half of 2012 to provide RMS and OMS solutions for sell-side institutions and we felt there was more room for to expand, thus our core product "First Trader" was planned up on as a ‘ready to deploy’ multi asset solutions for wide array of brokerage needs.

Our key focus was to make a trading server that processes faster data, and more efficiently with true multicast and messaging systems possible, thus the core of system was put into shape addressing the demands of a modern day broker looking for a easy to handle solution for data distribution and market risk - this became our first key product. At a later stage a matching engine “XCEED Engine" was developed and added in middle of 2014 thus our line was expanded with exchange connectivity solutions and we became a true multi asset solution provider. So today we stand as a complete multi asset platform provider before you and our platform can handle trading on OTC markets, Futures & Options, Swaps, and Bonds.

What we do

First Trading platform is built on flagship components consisting of complete front end that supports order routing and analytical tools and server side modules consisting of OMS/RMS with order routers, matching engine for smart routing orders and aggregations. The whole solutions was very carefully designed by a team of fully professional experts carefully designing, developing and choosing components to provide a true multi asset solution that caters to a wide variety of financial market domains such as brokers, hedge funds, banks and exchanges.

First Trader

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